Social Media

15 listopada 2017
We build reach in social media by conducting communication on behalf of our clients in different languages and in different markets on portals such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. We prepare strategies for content which we publish and monitor, we also moderate discussions. What is more, we run reach campaigns in social media, thus supporting sales activities. We also help our clients develop their own skills in this regard and we support them by providing creative ideas, training and preparing internal instructions.

Campaigns with influencers

We engage influential bloggers and youtubers – we develop reach campaigns, ambassador programs, educational and sales actions. We measure the results of campaigns using software developed by our company. We help optimise activities with influencers, rationalise expenditure on campaigns conducted on blogs and video channels. Furthermore, we build relationships with influencers on behalf of brands and engage them in the company’s social projects.

Visual storytelling

We visualize texts in the form of infographics, animation or video to significantly enhance reach and to engage the audience to help deliver effective communications. Our experience includes graphic creation, visualisation of corporate and marketing content distributed in all communications channels backed by SEO positioning.

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