Content Marketing & SEO

15 listopada 2017
Through development of interesting and engaging content we reach clients at different stages of their relationship with a product, product category or a specific brand. We educate them. We help companies gain new clients. We strengthen their position as experts. We develop content marketing strategies and create content centres which are optimised to increase visibility in search engines and the social media. We measure the effectiveness of activities and quality of content using methodology developed by our company.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We ensure visibility of content in Google Search and quality traffic on our client’s websites. We foster the client’s image in Google as well as optimise content and services; we monitor and report results. This way we increase the effectiveness of educational, sales and image campaigns.

Performance marketing

We run efficiency campaigns which generate orders, prospectuses and registrations from social media channels. We use all available communication formats and we optimise activities on the level of concept, creation and targeting. Our result reports are transparent; we advice how to increase effectiveness of performance marketing by combining it with activities in other areas.

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